What is Save Eagle Mountain Lake?

We all know Eagle Mountain Lake – it’s located right in some of our own backyards. However, have you ever heard of the “Eagle Mountain Watershed” or have any knowledge of what that might entail? Well, hopefully this will enlighten some of you as to what the Eagle Mountain Watershed consists of, as well as introduce you to “Save Eagle Mountain Lake”.

What is the “Eagle Mountain Watershed” and what does it mean to me? “A watershed is an area of land that drains into a common body of water such as a river, lake or ocean.” In our case, that common body of water is Eagle Mountain Lake, with EML being part of the Trinity River Basin. Reservoir age, human population, and changing land uses have all prompted the development of this watershed protection plan to reduce contaminants and promote stewardship of this tremendous resource.

“Save Eagle Mountain Lake” is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve and protect the ecological environment and quality of Eagle Mountain Lake and its watershed by promoting community awareness, engagement, and advocacy. SEML (Save Eagle Mountain Lake) formed in 1985 when citizens petitioned the Texas Water Commission to declare a moratorium for sewage disposal into the lake. Thanks to SEML, the moratorium was granted and is still in effect today. The organization also was monumental in the establishment of Eagle Mountain Park which is often enjoyed by many members of the Eagle Mountain community.

What can we do to become better informed about our lake and participate in its preservation for future generations? You can start by visiting www.seml.org and checking out the information found there. SEML is an organization governed by a board of directors and is dedicated to expanding their mission to preserve the lake for future generations to enjoy.

They accomplish this by continuing their support of the Watershed Protection Program, working closely with the Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD), promoting the Integrated Stormwater Management program (iSWM) for new housing developments, and assisting Keeping Eagle Mountain Lake Beautiful through the local Beautification Society. Also in development is an End of Season Deep Cleaning program for the lake, Social Mixers around the lake to provide residents the opportunity to share their love of the lake, express any concerns, and learn how they can contribute to the Life of Eagle Mountain Lake.

The short-term goals of SEML include building support among the residents for rebuilding a strong constituency to maintain a safe lake and watershed via the Watershed Protection Plan and the iSWM program for stormwater management. Both areas have the full endorsement of the North Texas Council of Governments. The long-term goals are simple: Save Eagle Mountain Lake for the future enjoyment of others, and to see SEML grow to become a community organization supporting and advocating for both residents and lake area businesses.

Do you enjoy Eagle Mountain Lake? Of course – we all do! The challenges we face in maintaining our beautiful Eagle Mountain Lake for future generations to enjoy are many. The success of SEML depends on local stakeholders such as yourself getting involved and taking action. To join SEML, visit www.seml.org and click on the “Get Involved” tab at the top, then select “Become a Member.” You can then choose your membership level which is accompanied by a tax-deductible member donation fee. Only through the stewardship and active participation in organizations such as SEML can we ensure that we leave something for our future generations to enjoy.