About Us


  • In 1985 a group of citizens became aware of plans to build a water treatment facility in the vicinity of Boat Club Road and Lechner Drive.

  • SEML was formed and petitioned the Texas Water Commission to declare a moratorium for new permits for sewage disposal into the lake.

  • The moratorium was granted and is still in effect today.



Preserve and Protect the Ecological Environment and Quality of Eagle Mountain Lake and its Watershed by Promoting Community Awareness, Engagement, and Advocacy.


  • Save Eagle Mountain Lake for the enjoyment of future generations.

  • Save and protect Eagle Mountain Lake from negative effects of population expansion.

  • Engage the community in partnerships that fosters the quality of Eagle Mountain Lake for all.


  • Serving as the EYES and EARS of Eagle Mountain Lake

  • Instrumental in stopping the 170 bridge from being constructed across the lake

  • Contributed to the establishment of Eagle Mountain Park

  • Watershed Protection Plan (WPP) Development

  • Annual Lake Clean Ups

  • Annual Parade of Lights Event