Cary Lewis

A proud native of Big Spring, Texas, Cary Lewis has been an influential figure in the Eagle Mountain Lake community for years. Since relocating to Fort Worth in 2000, a city that has always held familial significance, Cary has made a marked impact on the local landscape, both as a committed board member of SEML since 2013 and as a tireless advocate for the lake and its environs.

Cary's entrepreneurial spirit has been a driving force behind many of his endeavors, fostering innovation and proactive solutions to the challenges the community faces. This passion for progress combined with a deep-rooted connection to the region ensures he always has the best interests of Eagle Mountain Lake at heart.

Beyond his board responsibilities, Cary's dedication to the lake is evident in his numerous initiatives. As the spearhead of the lake bottom cleanup task, he has been instrumental in preserving the pristine nature of the area. Moreover, his commitment to education is demonstrated through the proposals he's penned, promoting the continuous education of good stewardship practices for our local waterways.

On a personal note, Cary is a devoted single father to two beautiful daughters. Their presence in his life is a testament to his nurturing nature, an attribute he extends to the broader community of Eagle Mountain Lake.

For Cary, the lake is more than just a local attraction; it's a symbol of community unity, environmental responsibility, and familial ties. His contributions have left an indelible mark on Eagle Mountain Lake, ensuring it remains a treasure for generations to come.