On a Sunday afternoon in the early spring of 1985, a group of concerned Eagle Mountain Lake residents met to see what could be done to prevent a sewage disposal plant from being built in the midst of a residential area at the lake. It was at this time they learned there were already several such plants in existence. Further research revealed that many of these plants were operating beyond their allowed capacity (their permit allowance issued by the Texas Water Commission). It was also learned their compliance relied on their own self-reporting data and as a result on many occasions, raw sewage was going directly into the lake without being reported.


In December of that year, Save Eagle Mountain Lake, Inc. petitioned the Texas Water Commission to declare a moratorium on issuing any further permits for sewage disposal plants on the lake. Save Eagle Mountain Lake, Inc. chartered a bus and on January 3, 1986 attended the hearing before the Texas Water Commission in Austin. Save Eagle Mountain Lake, Inc. garnered much support from local legislators and with their help, the Commission declared a moratorium until a "lake study" could be completed. That moratorium on new permits is still in effect.


The issue in 1985 was untreated sewage. Today's challenges may not be as offensive but are every bit as dangerous and will require even greater diligence by Save Eagle Mountain Lake, Inc. to prevent the destruction of this irreplaceable and beautiful resource.






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